Unlock Educational Opportunities in Northeastern Mississippi

Northeastern Mississippi is home to a wealth of educational opportunities for students looking to pursue higher education. Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) is a comprehensive two-year community college located in Booneville, Mississippi, founded in 1948. With its 3,600 students and 90 academic and technical professional programs of study, NEMCC offers a range of educational opportunities. The college awards Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees, and has recently established an honors school. NEMCC is a national leader in the use of technology in the classroom, with its campus-wide iPad initiative and plans to include virtual reality and augmented reality. NEMCC's university life includes clubs and organizations such as the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa, an intramural sports program, and a health and fitness initiative.

Student athletes can participate in seven college sports: soccer, men's and women's basketball, baseball, softball, golf, and cheerleading. The college also sponsors the Tiger Marching Band. NEMCC is the main source of labor force training and economic development in the area, offering weekly, four-day classes with online, hybrid, and short-term classes at an affordable price. Mississippi colleges, universities, and community colleges offer many employment opportunities. This qualitative study evaluates the civic learning outcomes of students while participating in the year-long Student Engagement Fellows program at the University of Mississippi.

Bruce Ware, a former student at the University of Mississippi and a board member of the Grisham-McLean Institute, is inspiring high school students in his hometown of Newton to pursue higher education. The University of Mississippi has been nationally recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for its efforts to support dynamic and outstanding community participation. Laura Martin leads community engagement scholarships at the University of Mississippi. Jarvis Benson, Levi Bevis, and Blair Wortsmith advanced the work of the Grisham-McLean Institute for Public Service and Community Engagement through the M Partner initiative, the Northern Mississippi VISTA Project, and LOU Saves. Albert Nylander envisions virtual reality as a powerful tool for students and community partners across Mississippi.

M Partner brought a group of 50 UM students from North Mississippi to New Albany for a day of service. The Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (MATT) allows students to compare current community college courses with equivalent courses at Mississippi universities and find out how those courses meet degree requirements for a specific specialty. Northeastern Mississippi communities offer an abundance of educational opportunities for those seeking to further their education. From NEMCC's comprehensive two-year programs to employment opportunities at Mississippi colleges, universities, and community colleges to initiatives like M Partner that bring together students from across the state for service projects - there are plenty of ways to get involved in higher education in northeastern Mississippi.

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